Beevive at Christmas 🎄

Beevive at Christmas 🎄

It's the most magical time of the year… and we are buzzing!

There is so much to how we prepare our stocking-filler keyrings and other bee-saving products. Here's a sneaky behind-the-scenes of our Christmas workshop and what each team member likes the most.

Although you won't find any elves here, you may catch an eager Leo the sausage dog in a festive get-up in our team…


'My favourite part of Christmas at Beevive is knowing that under so many Christmas trees throughout the world, a bee revival kit is waiting to bring a smile on Christmas day. It's a gift with a purpose for those wanting to make a small difference in the world.'

Product Development

All our Bee Revival Kits were designed by Jake and Faye (our Co-Founders) with their combined experiences in architecture, fashion and accessory design. We have come a long way from the sketches on a coffee table to the later 3D models, prototypes, and the beloved keyrings you find today!

Finding a Bee Revival Kit under the Christmas tree.Finding a Bee Revival Kit under the Christmas tree.


"I love Christmas at Beevive. It's the buzz in the air and hand-assembling all the special Christmas keyrings to go to their new homes! The attention to detail is certainly inspiring to me as a fellow business owner!"

Assembling Keyrings

We assemble our keyrings in our Devon studio and each one is made to order. To assemble them, we unscrew the lid, place a filled glass bottle with ambrosia bee food and seal it with a natural cork top (which is made by another small family-run cork business in Portugal!) From there, we slip in the backing card and voilà!

Assembling our keyrings with a personalised engraving.Assembling our keyrings with a personalised engraving.


'The best thing about working at Beevive at Christmas is getting to hand-wrap, pack and stamp everyone's orders, knowing that they'll soon be bringing joy to lots of bee-loving people worldwide! And I mustn't forget the Christmas tunes and getting in the festive spirit in our Beevive studio.'

Packing and Wrapping

At Christmas, each order has a free gift-wrapping option with environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks and recycled paper. This year, we have a fancy new tissue paper which was illustrated by Faye's talented best friend and fellow small business owner of The Wild Kind London.

A Beevive gift fully wrapped and ready for its new home.A Beevive gift fully wrapped and ready for its new home.


'I love wrapping all the Beevive key rings with all the personalised messages. It makes me feel I am making a difference. I feel like one of Santa's elves. Not to mention getting to work alongside my daughter, Faye, and cycling together to the studio to keep us fit.'

Faye and Paul travelling to the Beevive studio.Faye and Paul travelling to the Beevive studio.


'I get to enjoy snoozing in the winter sun, wagging my doggy tail along to Christmas tunes in the studio and snacking on extra delicious treats, especially off of the postman!'

Leo and our postman, George having some Christmassy treats.Leo and our postman, George having some Christmassy treats.


'My favourite thing about Beevive at Christmas is having such a bee-rilliant team. It's our shared passion to connect people with nature and build an empowered community that makes a positive difference. It's the bee's knees!

I love reading out loud the notes people write to us, telling us about their proud bee-saving efforts inspired by Beevive.

It brings me joy to know that people are out there thinking of the bees even when they aren't buzzing around at Christmas!"

Faye getting excited and packing our orders in the Beevive studio.Faye getting excited and packing our orders in the Beevive studio.

We hope you enjoyed finding out about Christmas at Beevive.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year from us all 🎄

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