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Join Us For No Mow May

Plantlife's #NoMowMay campaign doesn't ask you to do much. In fact, it asks you to not do anything at all… so we've joined forces with our friends at Pollenize to encourage just that!

It's time to give your lawnmower a rest and let your gardens grow wild for one month. That means no mowing, no strimming. This relaxed approach to gardening will allow nature to thrive as hungry pollinators wake up for the summer season.

On the final weekend of the month, you will have the opportunity to join the nationwide “Every flower counts” survey. Upon submitting your results you will receive your very own nectar score and help Plantilife learn more how many bees our nation's lawns can feed.

You can find out more by signing up here

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Here are 5 steps to help you on your no mow journey:

  1. Give your lawn a 'spring trim' to tidy up after winters growth.
  2. Plan out a patch of lawn that you are dedicated to grow wild for May. You could even consider marking out a small walkway to maintain, so you can stride amongst the pollinators and listen to them buzz!
  3. Scatter wildflower seeds to encourage growth, providing a varied source of food for our pollinators once bloomed.
  4. Take a 'before' and 'after' photo, to see your lawn progress over the month.
  5. BEE proud and share your success online with photos and videos. We want to congratulate you for doing your bit to help the UK wildlife and by doing so, you will inspire others too.

We want to help

The first 100 people to commit to #NoMowMay will receive a free rewilding seed packet with their order! Upon confirmation you simply have to forward your email to hello@beevive.co.uk with the title NOMOWMAY to redeem. Each Pollenize seed pack contains over 70 species of UK native wildflowers inside to help fight pollinator and insect decline. You can also log your sowing co-ordinations using their seed map online, by visiting seedmap.pollenize.org.uk - cool huh?!

Please tag us @beevive_uk and @pollenizeplymouth so we can cheer you on!

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