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Mother’s Day thoughtful gift ideas for 2022

Our Mother, Earth. Mother's Day gift ideas for 2022.

>We're lucky to be surrounded by many amazing women, whether they be mothers, sisters, friends, next door neighbours, business owners or simply a stranger passing by. We want to take this time to appreciate all the women who support women, especially those who may find mother's day difficult. Not forgetting our root mother, mother earth. So Emily, (one of our hard worker bee's!) set off to explore a range of thoughtful gift ideas that we could share with you, our community.

This mother's day you could give the gift of...

pamper and pick sample skincare Kit

1. Relaxation

It can be easy to forget to take a break and simply relax. Gift some relaxation therapy and treat your loved ones to some guilt-free Upcircle goodies. Not only do they use 100% recyclable, sustainable and plastic free packaging but they actually combat waste, using old coffee grounds that would have otherwise been thrown away.

£ - Who says a spa day can't cost under £10? Treat your loved one to their 'Pamper + Pick Sample Skincare Kit' which includes a miniature range of their products and create your own at home spa day.

££ - For the coffee lovers Upcycles luxurious soy wax candles make the perfect gift.

£££ - For the laborer's the dry skin bundle will keep their skin feeling soft and nourished.

Upcircle have kindly provided Beevive customers an exclusive 15% discount by using the code BEEVIVE

the forager's calendar book by john wright

2. Knowledge

Gift your loved one with the gift of knowledge this Mother's Day, below I have selected some books over a couple genres that they might enjoy.

Mother earth…

'The Forager's Calendar' by John Wright or 'Braiding Sweetgrass' by Robin Wall Kimmerer are both joyous and informative reads on the wonders and treasures of our natural world.


'Where Do I Belong' is a memoir written by Shabibi Shah and is such an important read in this current climate. Shabibi is a journalist, activist and mother who had to flee her country in Afghanistan with her three young children, the youngest a baby of four months. Shabibi has also released a novel 'Innocent Deception' that tells the intertwining stories of people forced to flee Afghanistan to make their lives in England.

bamboo bee revival kit

3. Sentiment

Sentimental gifts are always really special and will hold a close place in their heart, let your loved ones know your thoughts are with them on this Mother's Day with a personliased, engraved Bamboo Bee Revival Kit.

The perfect companion or bee gift for bee-lovers looking for a sustainable and all-year-round bee saver kit. Our keyring contains an energising sugar water for bees with a selection of our UK bees' favourite flowers in the form of seedballs to help more of our fuzzy friends!

Please use the code MOTHERSDAY for free delivery at checkout - as a thank you from us to you!

charity workers

4. Empowerment

If your loved one has requested no gifts, perhaps you could make a charitable donation in their name. Any donation will be deeply valued. Some important charities that are in need of help right now are;

The Refugee crisis in Ukraine, UN Women specifically aid support 'to the women of Ukraine' protecting and fighting for their families.

“UN Women stands in solidarity with the women of Ukraine, including those who had to flee their homes and separate from their loved ones, those who stayed to provide humanitarian support in extremely difficult circumstances and at great risk, and the women human rights defenders and activists who are making their voices heard in calling for peace.”

bee hotel 2.0

5. Kindness

Gift your loved one with a bee hotel for their garden, not only is it an act of kindness for your loved one but also the busy and important pollinators out there looking out for our mother earth. You and your loved ones can make a difference by creating a bee-friendly space in your outdoor area for our solitary bees to shelter.

A place where our fuzzy friends can rest, build nests and lay eggs in the tunnels. Each bee hotel is made with FSC certified wood and made by hand meaning each and every hotel is unique. We are also proud to be partnered with One Tree Planted, so for every product sold, we will plant one tree. One gift providing a whole lot of kindness.

mason bee inside a bee hotel

6. Creativity

If you're on a budget or just fancy a challenge you could make one a bee hotel together with our downloadable PDF. Getting creative and spending quality time together can be just the thing to ease the stress of daily life away.

See our previous blog post for downloadable instructions!

natural and brown cork leather bucket bag with drawstring front view

7. Style

Slow and ethical fashion is something we strive to support, not only are you supporting workers rights, but also durability, something that will last, something that someone will treasure. The Cork Company offers a range of cork accessories all using premium Portuguese cork fabric.

'Designed and handcrafted by Artelusa from genuine Portuguese cork fabric, our cork products are certified PETA-approved vegan, harvested by hand and 100% natural - with no harmful inks or colourings. Cork is also naturally waterproof, stain-resistant, easy to clean, anti-bacterial, super lightweight and as durable as leather.'

£ - Slim Cork Card Holder Wallet

££ - Cork Bucket Bag with Drawstring

£££ - Cork Hobo Bag / Slouchy Handbag

The cork company have kindly provided Beevive customers an exclusive 15% discount by using the code BEECORK

You know how much we love cork...

'Cork fabric (also known as cork leather) is an Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable and biodegradable material with a leather-like feel made from the harvested bark of the cork oak tree. Stripping the bark does not harm the tree -better yet! - harvested trees can absorb up to 10 times more cO2 than non-harvested trees.'

Not only is it a sustainable material but it's also unique, each piece features the natural patterns of the cork tree it was harvested from. Every bag is unique and special, much like the motherly figures in our lives.

SingingFriend Window Feeder Anna

8. Nature

Gift a bird feeder and bring nature right to the front door, spend some quality time together watching the different birds as they come and go, try to identify them!

Bird feeders for the window are especially good if your loved ones don't have access to a garden, this one is also recycled so you can feel guilt-free about buying.

£ - SingingFriend Window Feeder Anna

If your loved ones do have access to a garden, these recycled fat ball feeders make a perfect gift.

£ - National Trust CJ Wildlife Sam Recycled Fat Ball Feeder

If you can simply make one yourself out of recycled materials. For free!

blood orange tart freshly made shot from above on white wooden table

9. Gratitude

Cook for your loved one, make the effort to appreciate everything they do, especially if they're always cooking. Try to use seasonal ingredients to ensure your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum I have included some links below to find some seasonal recipes;

Seasons - BBC Food

Spring recipes / Riverford

Seasonal calendar - BBC Good Food

In season now | Sainsbury's Recipes

What's in season in March | Tesco Real Food

killerton house garden in Summer

10. Time

Something completely free to do is simply spend time with your loved one. Go for a walk and appreciate each other's company, while appreciating the company of our mother nature.

If you do have some money spare, think about purchasing a National Trust membership to appreciate and support sustaining our beautiful surroundings.

Join as a National Trust member from £6.50 a month.

We hope you've enjoyed this guide as much as Emily did writing it! We would love to hear if any of our suggestions made the special lady in your life smile on Mother's day.

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