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The 6 Dos and Don'ts for Your Wedding Favours

With the run-up to Valentine's Day, we thought we would talk all about love!

There is always so much to plan for a wedding, which is why we asked our OG Beevive blogger, Jasmine, to share her knowledge. Since she is getting married next year, she is well-versed in all things wedding planning.

Take it away, Jasmine!

Firstly, what are wedding favours?

Wedding favours are little sentimental gifts you give to each of your guests at the reception. Some ideas for favours include chocolate, customised glassware, or cute little plants.

Let's look at some top tips to make your day special..

6 Dos and Don'ts to Get Your Guests Buzzing

  1. Don't: Forget the Place Cards

    When planning a wedding, people need to know where they are sitting, so why not go the extra mile and create a personal note with each favour?

  2. Do: Make them Useful

    Valuable kitchen items like a personalised bottle opener can remind your guests of your special day every time they use it.

    Sadly, a lot is wasted at weddings, so you can avoid them being the large % of purely decorative favours that get tossed away each year. Your environment thanks you!

  3. Do: List the Ingredients in Edible Favours

    If you are a foodie, remember to list the ingredients to help your guests with special dietary needs (and avoid mishaps!)

  4. Do: Make Them Weather-Appropriate

    If you are having your wedding in the peak of July, having chocolate favours isn't a great idea since they will melt in the heat.

  5. Don't: Blow Your Budget

    Your guests love you and your partner, so they won't be expecting an extravagant gift. Pick something that really resonates with you as a couple instead.

  6. Do: Be Intentional

    While finding something that reflects you, you might decide to donate to a charity in your guest's name and get them a related favour to remember it.

    If you love bees like us, you can arm your wedding guests with the superpower of saving more fuzzy friends...

Did you know that we create personalised wedding favours to support your big day?

Francesca and Dan's Big Day

We had the privilege of creating 120 Bamboo Bee Revival Kits for a couple who are as obsessed with bees as we are.

Their lovely friend, Emily, bought them as a unique wedding gift!

Each favour had:
  • An engravement of their wedding date
  • A personalised laser-cut place name
  • Their choice of keyring (they chose rose gold!)

Each one matched their summery outside reception, too!

a beskpoke wedding favour table place setting showing a beevive personalised rose gold keyring with wooden name etching in a bowlOur co-founder, Faye's, place setting on their special day.

Here is what Emily had to say:

"My friends were thrilled to receive a set of personalised bee revival kits on their wedding day! They said afterwards that every time they pull their keyrings out, they are reminded of a very special day and that they can make a change in the World together and do something positive. It was so enjoyable as their friend to be able to personalise this meaningful present for them; it arrived bee-autifully packaged, ready to gift!"

I hope this was helpful for your wedding planning!

If you are a guest, why not email us and support your friends' forever love by saving our hard-working bees?

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