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A Buzzing Interview with Our Co-Founder and Our Christmas Market Launch

We thought we would show you a cheeky behind the brand after interviewing our fabulous co-founder, Faye.

Faye tells us all about Beevive, some exciting big wins, and information about our 1st Christmas market appearance in Exeter, Devon!

Over to Faye!

Where It All Started

Before Beevive started, my career was in fashion design, working at Ted Baker and for custom tailor/rock clothing designer Ray Brown. I had always dreamt of running my own business; I didn't know it would save our fuzzy friends!

Like many heart-run businesses, Beevive was born in 2018 from finding a tired bee with my partner, Jake, on a Cornwall holiday. With no flowers nearby, we picked up our new friend and searched for sugar water. We found a café keen to help, who mixed a sugar water solution onto a spoon. We gathered outside, and after a few sips, our new companion had enough energy to BUZZ away!

After finding that on-the-go bee-saving kits didn't exist online, we created Beevive. That small act of care led to us launching our business a year later, in July 2019, at the Exeter Phoenix Makers Market.

Funding Our Vision

We used our small savings pot to research, develop and prototype our flagship product, The Original Bee Revival Kit. Once it was ready, we raised the funds via a crowdfunding campaign.

Challenges and Proudest Moments

One of our biggest challenges is keeping up with the rising materials costs whilst still delivering a high-quality product that aligns with our ethics, morals, and sustainability values. Despite sourcing challenges, we have learnt to use innovative technology to bring creative solutions to our in-house production.

There are too many proud moments to list them all.

Here are some of my top picks:

  • Winning DWEN (Dell Women's' Entrepreneur Network) UK dream tech contest in 2021 and featuring in their global advertisement campaign.
  • Featuring on BBC One's Escape to the Country.
  • When a young girl tapped her mum on the shoulder in a supermarket and pointed at me, saying, "It's the bee lady I was telling you about!"

Our 3 Recent BIG Wins

Women in Business & Tech Event

  1. We partnered with WWF! Find out more on our blog here.
  2. Last month, I was invited by Dell Technologies to speak at the London Women in Business & Tech Event in a panel discussion about Sustainability: Progress over Perfection.
  3. Our Bee Revival Kits were received so well in the National History Museum's Wildlife Photography exhibition shop that they have been exclusively selected and are being sold in their museum's main store too!

Under the Wildlfe Photographer of the Year signs.

Outside Natural History Museum.

Natural History Museum's bee products in their shop.

Our Bee Revival Kit product in the Natural History Museum.

2023 Christmas Market Update

It's our first Christmas Market in 2023 and an opportunity to sell directly to our community away from our online store.

You can expect our full range of bee-saving products, available to be gift-wrapped and personalized for your loved ones, using our in-house laser engraver.

Our team will take turns at our stall, so prepare for plenty of bee puns, fun facts and festive cheer!

Find us and our other traders at Exeter Cathedral here between Friday 17 November - Sunday 17 December.

Exeter Christmas Market Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday: 10am - 7pm

Thursday-Saturday: 10am - 9pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm

We hope to see you there!

Beevive stand and team at the Exeter Christmas Market 2023Beevive stand and team - Exeter Christmas Market

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