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WWF x Beevive: Fulfilling a 5-Year-Old Dream

The Update

Here are Beevive we have some news that we're BUZZING about. After working towards the goal for 5 years, we have officially partnered with WWF to sell our Bee Revival Kits and support WWF's fantastic work for our world.

So, Who is WWF?

WWF stands for the World Wide Fund for Nature. They are a registered environmental charity that works hard to promote the safeguarding and sustainability of our natural world. It's a tall order, as pollution and our carbon footprints damage our wildlife daily.

Here are 5 examples of WWF's most significant environmental impacts:

  1. Increasing lowland wildflowers in the UK.

    Did you know that over 97% of our lowland wildflower meadows have been lost in the UK since the 1930s!
    Some of WWF's other proud partnerships and achievements include:

  2. Regenerating Peru's Agriculture.
  3. Restoring Kenyan Landscapes.
  4. Re-establishing UK Seagrass Beds.
  5. Protecting Tiger Populations and Habitats.

Our Values

Like WWF, we care about sustainability, so we are ecstatic to partner with them in the fight against losing our bees here in the UK.

Beevive had to undergo the strictest WWF investigations into how our company sources and produces our bee-saving products to be featured in their shop. Everything was tested and evaluated for us to sign on with the leading environmental charity!

We have always been proud of how we make our products.

That's why we talk about using FSC-certified bamboo wood for our bee hotels and recycling whatever we can (even down to our 'bee hotel checklists' made from 100% recycled fibres.)

We also love providing regular blogs on supporting our world, like making sustainable swaps at Christmas, how using bamboo is more sustainable as it grows quickly, or building awareness around pesticides' environmental dangers.

Where Do the Profits Go?

100% of the profits from our collaboration with the WWF made through their website will go towards funding their vital work.

The WWF x Beevive Collection

If you have been following us for a while now, you know about our bee revival kits!

With its high-energy Ambrosia® bee food syrup and refillable bottle, our kits have been saving bees since 2018.

Each bee revival keyring comes in a box of at least 70% recycled content, a 100% recycled fibres leaflet and is printed on FSC Certified paper.

You can read more about how to use our bee revival kit here.

Check out the rest of the WWF collection below:

A Personal Note from WWF's Team

"Our Supporters are loving the opportunity to revive any bees they come across with these Bee Revival kits, helping many bees this year so far and hopefully many more to come.

A huge thank you to Faye and the team at Beevive for working with WWF-UK and designing an innovative product where everyone can do their bit towards WWF's mission to restore nature and help tackle climate change."

- Natasha Elhaj, Retail & Licensing Executive, WWF-UK

Faye's Thoughts

"To partner with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness for bees was our dream when we invented our keyring in 2018.

We were thrilled when they reached out to us, and after months of conversing, we were very proud when our products passed their high sustainability standards and met their extensive eco-criteria."

- Faye, Co-Founder, Beevive.

A massive thank you to all our customers, VIBs and friends who have supported us over the years at Beevive, and helped us help our bees. You are the 'bees-knees'!
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