What is a Bee Revival Kit?

What is a Bee Revival Kit?

Even if you are new to Beevive, it's not a secret our UK bees are in trouble. With 97% of wildflower meadows gone since the 1930s, we need to look after our fuzzy workers.

So, with our new Bee Revival Kits and our community growth, we thought we would give you a detailed look into why we do what we do!

Let's get into it..

A Bee Revival Kit is a keyring which contains a small bottle of bee food syrup to save a tired bee in need of an energy boost.

Where it Began

original goldoriginal gold

bee savebee save

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The First, The Original, Bee Revival Kit

The first of our Bee Revival Kits came in gold or black in 2018, inspired by our stripey bee friends. Rose gold and anthracite grey were our next varieties to provide bee-saving equipment fit for every style.

Each kit has a strong, infinitely recyclable aluminium shell containing a bottle of authentic ambrosia® bee food syrup. With a custom stamped keyring and natural cork top, each keyring supports our environment by being:

  1. Delivered in environmentally friendly packaging, using FSC Certified® materials.
  2. Sealed air-tight with a unique, sustainably sourced, and biodegradable cork stopper.
  3. Designed and assembled by hand in Exeter, UK.

We also offer refilling options so your kit won't end up in landfill.

bottle and pillow boxbottle and pillow box

How Do I Use a Bee-Revival Kit?

Using a kit is easy; if you see a tired bee, search for nectar-rich flowers first. If you can't find any, grab your keyring, remove the cork top, and feed some sugar solution beside her on the ground.

The Sustainability Showstopper

The Bamboo Kit (launched in December 2021) was an evolution of our original Bee Revival Keyring to encourage planting more seeds to save our planet! Made from ethically sourced bamboo, this kit is even more environmentally friendly than our previous kits since bamboo is a powerful, speed-growing machine!

Beyond bee emergencies, they come with 'seedballs' which can be stored into the keyring for later to help you save bees all year round as you can plant food and habitats for future bee generations. Every order plants a tree too, and in 2023, we planted 2624 trees!


seedball close upseedball close up


Spotting the Copycats

We value our Beevive community and are grateful for your support as the original Bee Revival Kit inventors!

Although it's encouraging that other companies understand that people love saving bees, sadly, many of these imitation versions aren't doing as much good to our environment.

These other keyrings are:

  • Not fit for purpose - constructed using poor quality bottles are not designed for containing liquids. Instead, they leak or allow the liquid inside to evaporate into a sticky useless goo.
  • Unhygienic and spread bee diseases as the instructions suggest pouring liquid directly into the shell.
  • Wasted since they're single use only.
  • Damaging forests as they use uncertified wood/other sources.

The OG Bee Revival Kits

We're all about understanding the effects we are having on our environment. That's why we also sell other products, such as bee hotels to providing educational resources.

Our founder, Faye, spends her time teaching about bees in schools, clubs and organisations, and has even appeared on TV too. We need to do everything we can to educate everyone on how to help the bees as even the little things can have a big impact.

That's why many UK-recognised environmental organisations like the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), The National History Museum, the Wildlife Trusts and English Heritage choose to stock Beevive products. It's all down to our transparency on our sources and our quality.

The WWF is one of many organisations that choose our products after rigorous vetting and investigation into our company's sustainability efforts.

Thank you for being a part of our bee-saving community!

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