5 Sustainable Swaps for Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 Sustainable Swaps for Your New Year’s Resolutions

At Beevive, we are a fan of New Years Resolutions you can keep…

And whats better than saving our fuzzy bee friends and protecting our environment?

Here are 5 2023 resolutions and our tips to achieve them:

Co-founders Jake and Faye with their bee saving assistant Leo, enjoying nature, reading about planting and stopping to help a struggling bee.

1) Put the Mower Away

Before you start pulling out those dandelions or mowing your garden for Spring, think about the bugs and bees that need them.

Join us as we follow Plantlifes No Mow May campaign and swap out your lawn mower for a wildflower area. You can create this by scattering premade bee-friendly seed balls or going to a garden centre. You can also make a difference by building a DIY bee hotel, or getting a ready-made bee hotel.

This equips our helpful friends with all they need to pollinate planet earth.


Find our step-by-step guide to your no mow journey in our other blog here.


2) Eat Better

Go Organic

Even without a garden, you can still make a difference to the bee population by avoiding insecticides.

Going organic reduces the bee-killing pesticides used in our agriculture production. Its also better for the environment regarding energy usage and better for the animals. You are also protecting your health from multiple risks associated with pesticide contamination.

Reduce Meat

We are not suggesting going fully vegan if you enjoy a meat-based diet. But 2022 has shown us how you can get a nutritious and sustainable diet for less by swapping in plant-based alternatives.


3) Learn About Nature

Get Outside

Its time to swap the pricey gym membership. Go and explore your local green areas to see our bees in action come spring. And while waiting for the bees to come out from hibernation, you are doing your body good by swapping the sofa for the sea and your slippers for hiking boots.

The RSPB says that people who have a better connection to nature are more likely to make better efforts towards our environment and wildlife too!

Start Reading

Why not use 2023 to expand your knowledge on why tree planting is important or learn to identify types of bees?

Reading before bed is one great way our co-founders Jake and Faye like to keep informed about sustainable swaps and maintain a good sleep routine.

Check out One Tree Planted for their list of the best nature books or Jean Vernons The Secret Lives of Garden Bees.


4) Look After Yourself

Did you know that your well-being is vital to bee conservation and protecting our environment?

Slow Down

Look to swap your packed schedule with pockets of rest. Learning to bee kind to yourself will reduce burnout in the short term, and help you be more intentional and make sustainable choices longer-term. If you arent at your best, how do you expect to make good choices?

Begin a Sustainability Diary

Now is the time to swap out your forgotten journal resolution for a regular record of your sustainability efforts. Consider buying a journal from reusable materials or going digital.

bee on top of a handwritten thankyou note

5) Bee an Advocate

The best thing on our list of resolutions is spreading bee awareness and finding more sustainable options. Have you heard about our VIB (Very Important Beeviver) initiative? If not, check it out here!

We always love hearing about your bee-saving efforts so dont hesitate to write in at hello@beevive.co.uk

Happy New Year and good luck with your 2023 goals!

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