Poem - I’ve been hugged by a bee by Kevin Murphy

Poem - I’ve been hugged by a bee by Kevin Murphy

A poem shared with us, by a fellow community member after discovering us via our collaboration with DELL Technologies.

I’ve been hugged by a bee
I’ve been hugged by a bee It’s true you will see A bumbling beautiful she bumble bee A chill in the air Caught her unaware She sat in the palm of my hand without care At first, she just lay As if just to say I’m cold and I’m tired so please go away Yet as she felt my heat Like a heated car seat She curled round my finger as my heart skipped a beat The touch of her hair Some dark and some fair I sat down to warm her on my garden chair Her legs wrapped my thumb Then out came the sun As she became warmer her wings she did hum When her wings moved so fast Our hug did not last She let go and she set to the heavens at last Though our moments together Were over too soon I imagined her flying past sun and past moon And she’d somehow remember The pleasantest time Where I held her heart And she held mine

Written by VIB Kevin Murphy. Stebbing, Essex. 

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