Our co-founder Faye stood by beevive prodcuts inside the Natural History Museum's shop

A Year's Reflection: Achievements for 2023

2023 was our year! Here at Beevive, we had so many milestones, so we condensed them into 18 top achievements for our bee-autiful community.

Read on to find out more...

  1. WWF Collaboration

    As you may have seen in our recent blog about WWF, we had the long-awaited opportunity to collaborate with them on planet-saving products after 5-years of preparation.

  2. Natural History Museum

    Our famous Bee Revival Kits were sold exclusively in the museum's main store and their Wildlife Photography exhibition.

  3. Women in Business & Tech Expo

    Our co-founder, Faye, was invited to a panel discussing progress in sustainability over perfection.

  4. Dell Technologies Giveaway

    This was one of those 'wow' moments where Faye and Jake collaborated with Dell and have 5.6 million views on YouTube to date! Dell led to other corporate clients such as Mashable and the Federation of Small Businesses.

  5. Exeter Christmas Market

    We got to attend the Exeter Christmas Market for the 1st time and branch beyond our online community. We loved meeting with other bee-saving advocates and participating in the Christmas BUZZ.

  6. Our Studio Team Grew to 7

    In 2023, our team grew to 7 in our studio to add to our 10-person crew:

    Studio Team:
    Faye Co-Founder, Bee Ambassador
    Jake Co-Founder & Innovator
    Leo Head of Security
    Megan Supervisor Queen Bee
    Lia Studio Assistant
    Calli Studio Assistant
    Emily Studio Assistant


    Remote Specialists:
    Rich Web Butler
    Jasmine Blog Content Writer
    Calum Marketing Man
    Ella Newsletter Creator


  7. Cisco Bespoke DIY Bee Hotel Project

    We worked with Cisco (for the 2nd year in a row!) to learn from nature for the future of workspaces and provide bespoke Cisco bee hotels.

  8. Launched Our Bee Identification Guide

    The team launched the Bee ID page to help you identify different bees on the go!

  9. School Visits and Workshops

    We added plenty of new VIBs and taught future generations why bees are important.

  10. Exeter Living Magazine

    We got featured in Exeter Living.

  11. The Royal Parks Hyde Park Shop

    Our keyrings made it to the Boat House.

  12. Our Escape to the Country Episode

    Faye's Spotlight on BBC One got re-aired!

  13. World Bee Day

    We got to have World Bee Day at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

  14. Bee-Spotting Trail

    We were invited to participate in the bee-spotting trail at Shaldon Wildlife Trust.

  15. Workshopping at Greendale Farm Shop

    Supporting our solitary bees with a hotel-making workshop was so much fun!

  16. Our DIY Bee Hotel Kit was Shortlisted for GOTY 2024

    After launching it in the same year, our kits were shortlisted as Gift of the Year.

  17. The Bee ID Tag Launch

    The easy QR codes to identify a bee were a hit this year.

  18. We Planted 2624 Trees

    Last but not least, we planted trees upon trees in 2023.

Thank you, everyone, for a fantastic year, and we cannot wait to see what 2024 holds.

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