In Conversation with CEO & Founder of Fleur of England, Fleur Christacos.

In Conversation with CEO & Founder of Fleur of England, Fleur Christacos.

Earth day brings Mother Nature to the forefront of our minds. Of course it should be on our minds everyday but it is an opportunity to focus, learn and talk about how we can make active change within business and our lives to support our planet.

In celebration of Earth Day 2024, Co-founder of Beevive, Faye was invited to Fleur of England HQ to discuss the importance of the actions they take as female founders to positively impact our earth and the steps we can take to do even better. And of course, to have cuddles with pup Maple too!

Faye comments:

“Having previously worked in the fashion industry, I love to discover new brands who are designing bee-autiful products and simultaneously taking their environmental impact seriously…

I have seen first-hand the challenges faced by fashion brands, which is why I’m in awe of Fleur’s business and travelled to Bristol to learn more about her sustainability journey, from utilising innovative fabrics, supporting local ethical craftsmanship and championing slow fashion - to name a few!”

Fleur’s key takeaways from the conversation:

🌱 It's all about progress not perfection

🌱 Scrap book your progress and share your sustainability progress

🌱 Lots of small changes collectively make a big change, individuals can make a difference

🌱 Learn from each other and share your learnings

🌱 Bees create a third of our food source, we need them so much.

🌱 If you find a tired bee, take it to a flower or give it some sugar water. Never offer honey.

🌱 Conscious consumerism matters. Fleur of England we believe in craftsmanship and slow fashion mind set. we are weaving sustainable values across our company making active change where we can

“At Fleur of England we embrace the principal of slow fashion- a mindset that prioritises quality over quantity, craftsmanship over mass production and sustainability over disposability.” Fleur – CEO & Founder of Fleur of England

Talking all things, from saving the bees to the actions we hope you enjoy the episode and come away with ideas on steps you can take in your personal or business sustainability journey!


Here is a link to watch the episode in full.

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