No Mow May and World Bee Day

No Mow May and World Bee Day

How can you help the bees this May?

No Mow May ‘24

Bees are vital to pollinating our world, so we take part in ‘No Mow May’ every year alongside the campaign’s founder, Plantlife.

No Mow May helps our bees by using your own garden against climate change and the loss of bee habitats and food.

97% of our meadows have been lost since the ‘30s, which is why we need to work together to support our fuzzy friends this Spring. We have over 20 million gardens in the UK that are crucial to helping our bees get the food and shelter they need.

Want to join us?

Here’s how to get involved:

Let your lawns and back gardens grow wild, and add some more wildflowers from your local garden nursery or our seed balls. That’s really it!

You can also use #NoMowMay and #Beevive so we can get buzzing too!

World Bee Day

It’s World Bee Day this 20th May!

We love to celebrate bees throughout May, beyond No Mow May, which is why, for World Bee Day today, we have created a straightforward list of 10 small things you can do to save our bees:

Let’s go!

1) Educate yourself on the types of bees and when to be on the lookout for them.

2) Share bee-related posts to your social media feeds and friends.
3) Save a  tired bee with sugar water, or use a handy Bee Revival Kit.
4) Don’t use pesticides or harsh chemicals in your garden.
5) Install a bee hotel.
6) Better yet, DIY a bee hotel! We show you how here.
7) Plant flowers that bees love, e.g. lavender or sunflowers.
8) Purchase honey from local beekeepers.
9) Go organic as much as possible or pick from clean 15’ produce with less pesticide use.
10) Avoid artificial grass at all costs!

Our Friends at Florette

Our partnership with Florette Salad is just bee-ginning, and we are excited to collaborate with a company with great bee-friendly values 🐝

They are committed to supporting our pollinators by planting wildflowers and even having them planted at their head office. If they can do it, so can you!

As stated by their Head of Agronomy, Nick Walker:

“Wildlife protection starts on our doorstep, which is why many Brits are already taking nature-friendly steps to try and stop the decline. Even small, simple changes such as wild flowering an area of your garden can help reverse the loss of our vital pollinators.”

We have also partnered with them to offer five prize bundles worth more than £60 each to equip our communities to save the bees.


Each lucky winner will receive:

1x DIY Bee Hotel Kit

1x Original Bee Revival Kit with an ID tag

1x Bamboo Bee Revival Kit

1x Wildflower Seedball Tin

2x Florette Wild-flowering Seeds

Enter here for your chance to win.


Our bees, thank you!

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